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About Our Company

We create beautiful stained and leaded glass pieces of art.

Background History

     Our manager, Stephanie Fronberg, has always had a love and appreciation for stained and leaded glass.  Her earliest childhood memories were of magical rainbow colors cast by the leaded glass kitchen window every morning.  As the 1905 home was renovated over the years, plain windows were replaced by ornately colored glass antique windows.  After she married and moved from the old home, she vowed someday to have unique stained glass pieces to hang in her home.

     Decades passed and once again she found herself in the old homestead appreciating the exquisite beauty and craftsmanship of the glass work.  While cleaning out the home for sale, she discovered stained and leaded glass panels and supplies.  She knew it was time to realize her dream.  She found learning glass work even more exciting than she envisioned.  She wanted to keep this fading art alive and share it with others.

     Our partner, Todd Fronberg, always admired the cathedral church windows in his childhood community.  He finds glass work relaxing and peaceful and loves finding new patterns to produce.



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